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Retract - Telescopic Camera Crane

CamMate Retract Telescopic Camera Crane

The CamMate Retract Telescopic Crane is used in film and video productions.  The CamMate Retract is affordable, and is the only telescopic crane in the industry using a screw drive system. Using the CamMate RetractRight® screw drive system uses less parts then other telescopic cranes, which makes for a more reliable system. The CamMate Telescopic Camera Crane, creating the dynamic, eye-catching sequences you want.  (Measurements below reflect mounting system on a Fairway Dolly w/48in Tube) . 

Video Credits:  Red 1957 Thunderbird provided courtesy of Steel DreamzCollector Car Sales, Camera Lens Zeiss Compact Prime 21mm provided by Broadcast Rentals  


Special Financing Options Available for Domestic Customers:

Finance this Telescopic Camera Crane for $1,650.00 a month. *Subject to qualifying credit, Capital lease, 60month term, additional options available.  Contact CamMate Systems today to discuss these special financing options which expire 9/1/2012. 


Lens Height: 15ft. | 4.572 m
Reach Closed: 10ft. | 3.276 m
Reach Extented: 19ft. 2in. | 5.842 m
Total Length Closed: 15ft. 10in. | 4.826 m
Total Length Extended: 24ft. 3in. | 7.391 m
Ballast Needed: 420 lbs. | 190.9 kg
Weight of Crane: 433 lbs. | 196.8 kg






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