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The "Original"


CamMate is Celebrating over 25 Years of Offering Top Quality Products, with the "Original" Octagon Arm and the First T-Bolt Locking Design 

Since 1987, CamMate Systems has been delivering the highest quality cranes for the film and video industry. Producers, Directors, and Directors of Photography all over the world have discovered the quality and versatility that our equipment has to offer.  

We manufacture all of our cranes in our 10,000 square foot facility in Chandler, Arizona.

Many of the "new" companies produce their jibs in a garage, and there is no quality control.  You might be able to find a cheaper crane, but keep in mind that the quality, customer service and the longevity in the industry will not come close to a CamMate Crane.

Our factory trained electronics team will repair and upgrade most Cammate camera cranes and return promptly,  usually in the same week. Call us for tune up specials. We can go through your electronics and L Head and make the older products operate like new. Owner/operators-ask about our heavy duty connectors which are great for those of you that setup and tear down week after week. These connectors are beefy and don’t pull apart under constant setups.

Summer special pricing event - we are offering special pricing on all our camera cranes. Included as standard is our HD-SDI Slip-ring, Adjustable monitor plate, wide camera plate and long rods. 

We have quick ship on many of the crane models. Contact Cammate for the end of summer special pricing event.


Please contact us for additional information. 



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Video Credits:  Red 1957 Thunderbird provided courtesy of Steel DreamzCollector Car Sales, Camera Lens Zeiss Compact Prime 21mm provided by Broadcast Rentals .  Learn more about CamMate Systems Telescopic Camera Crane. more 


lheadlongrod.gifSuper Servos  

dslrprime.gifThese Super Servoscan be purchased to use with your existing Canon/Fujinon gears and have a much higher torque ratio for driving heavier lenses that require more force to rotate.   Also available with 15mm or 19mm brackets.  These servos can be used with Prime lenses using the .8 pitch gear. 


Pan and Tilt Motor Gears

Optional gear sizes are available for the pan and tilt motors.  A 42 tooth gear is the standard size for both pan and tilt motors.  48 and 26 tooth options are available.   The 26 tooth gear is great for slow table top moves.

Wide Adjustable Camera Plate

The Wide Adjustable Camera Plate provides left to right adjustments of camera on plate with a 8 inch wide plate area. (picture shown with longer rods) Now standard equipment.

Adjustable Monitor Plate

Our newly designed monitor  “cheese” plate allows for multiple mounting points of modern flat screen monitors. You now have numerous choices of where to position your HD monitors. Now standard equipment.  

Service & Repair 

CamMate Systems prides itself in offering high quality prompt repairs and service for over 25 years.  In the event that you may need a rare repair, upgrade, or scheduled maintenance for your CamMate System, we offer prompt turn around and expert repairs by our authorized factory-trained technicians using high quality CamMate OEM components.  Do not trust your repairs with an aftermarket, one-person shop, operating out of their garage or with a foreign-based unreliable company promising repairs or service on CamMate Systems.  Such repairs will not only void all warranties but will severely compromise the quality of your system.

Please contact us at (480) 813-9500  for all your CamMate needs, maintenance or repairs. 

We service what we sell. 






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