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Table Top Controller


Table Top Controls


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Turn your CamMate Head into a fixed mounted Remote Head or a two operator crane configuration.   This controller will allow someone to operate all the head functions and the arm operator can focus on the arm movement.   Available in Right and Left hand joystick configuration.

When you use the new Table Top Controls and cable extensions (provided by CamMate Systems) you can mount your Remote Head on a piece of truss, on a tripod, or under a scoreboard.  You will have the flexibility to mount and operate your CamMate Systems Head in a variety of configurations. 


This control box attaches to an existing CamMate Electronics control box with an extension cable (contact your CamMate representative to discuss the length needed for your cable).



This control box contains all of the electronics and table top controls in one unit.  This option is included in our remote head stand alone package.
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