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About Us

building.gifSince 1987, CamMate Systems has been delivering the highest quality cranes for the film and video industry. Producers all over the world have discovered the quality and versatility that our equipment has to offer. From live international sporting events to feature length motion pictures, our equipment and operators have traveled the world providing the most amazing shots ever imaginable.

As our international sales continue to expand to other countries our company is focused on high standards in Production Quality and our second to none Customer Service.

Our high production standards and quality control that we are recognized for is practiced every day.  From state of the art machining that holds our high tolerances, to the assembly area that builds, stands, and tests each Crane and Remote head.  The cranes are stood on a dolly and are fully assembled just as you would in a studio or out in the field.  Each crane is then cleaned, packed, and shipped.




 Financing Solutions

 Why let the lack of liquidity or cash flow concerns prevent you from operating and ultimately owning the industry's most durable, reliable, and premier Camera Crane System?

Through our association with a quality leasing company, it is now possible to get 100% Lease Financing, Flexible payment options quickly and easily.

For example: You can own a CamMate T25 Systems package which includes; Travel Series T25 Crane, with Remote 360 degree L-Head, Electronics, Gears for both Canon and Fujinon Lenses, Joystick-Pistol Grip Assembly, Tripod, and Wheels for approx. $425per month.

Please contact us  for more details and a CamMate System Package Quote.










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