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CamMate 100

The CamMate 100 includes a 100mm diameter bowl mount and is designed to accommodate a wide range of professional cameras; it is durable, rugged, and made in-house.  This  jib arm comes standard with the same high grade aluminum and configured the same as the Travel Series cranes.

Includes:  main section, standard tail, nose, fork with 100mm bowl, tripod, wheels and brakes.

The CamMate 100 will fit on any of our dolly bases. The CamMate 100 is perfect for the Independent Filmmaker, Cinematographer, and Videographer who wants to add motion to the shot.   web page

HD Fiber Optic Head 


The CamMate HD Head is unlike any other head on the market. It has a single mode Fiber Optic Slipring for High Definition and other high resolution video signals. For example using a simple adapter, you can convert an HD-SDI or Standard SDI into an optical signal. You can simply plug the fiber optic line into the CamMate HD-Head like you would a standard BNC connection. The Fiber Optic signal is then sent through the Fiber Optic Slipring, and down to the back of the CamMate electronics box. web page

Standard L Remote Head 


The CamMate Standard " L " Head is our most popular product. Sold individually or packaged with the Travel Series, 2000 series, and our New Retract Crane. Our customers understand the value and versatility of our Standard L-Head. Our L-Head has our exclusive slipring which allows freedom of movement without the worries of cables breaking, twisting, or damaging the camera. web page

Telescopic Camera Crane


The New CamMate Retract  is used in film and video productions.  The CamMate Retract is affordable, and is the only telescopic camera crane in the industry using a screw drive system. Using a screw drive system uses less parts then other telescopic cranes, which makes for a more reliable system. The CamMate Retract , creating the dynamic, eye-catching sequences you want.  (Measurements below reflect mounting system on a Fairway Dolly w/48in Tube) .  web page

Travel Series Arm Assembly

  The world-famous CamMate Travel Series is a more economical version that consists of four-foot sections packed in durable hard cases for frequent location traveling. In addition to our strong aerospace design, the Travel series features 15 minute set up times; configuration changes in 10 minutes and electronic head inversions in less than 30 seconds. All of these design features make your job on location faster and easier.  web page






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