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CamMate HD Fiber Optic Head


High Definition Camera Crane Head

The CamMate HD Head is unlike any other head on the market. It has a single mode Fiber Optic Slipring for High Definition and other high resolution video signals. For example using a simple adapter, you can convert an HD-SDI or Standard SDI into an optical signal. You can simply plug the fiber optic line into the CamMate HD-Head like you would a standard BNC connection. The Fiber Optic signal is then sent through the Fiber Optic Slipring, and down to the back of the CamMate electronics box.

The CamMate HD fiber optic Head has:

  • 2 - 12-15.3VDC out via 4-pin
  • "Trico" or Triax BNC connection that is TRUE 75 ohm impedance
  • Time Code BNC connection
  • Fiber Optic ST connection
  • Video 1 BNC connection, and a Video 2 BNC connection.

Optional True Triax Through Slip Ring

Full Size Triax Connections manufactured in the CamMate Head and electronics control box. These are isolated lines that allow the full use of the slipring and do not require adapters.

Optional 3 Pin or 5 Pin Sound

This Option is available for your special audio requirements. The termination or plug-in is a 3-Pin or 5-Pin XLR connector at both the CamMate Head and the backside of the Control Box. This would give you the greatest flexibility in your audio configurations. (Note: CamMate's Dutch head cannot be added to a 5-Pin configuration)

optional AC Power at the Head

Just one of many unique system configurations we offer. A CamMate System wired with an AC outlet on the Remote Head, gives you the ability to power that "other" item and DC to power the camera or other devices, with the continued use of the unlimited 360 degree movement.

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